The purpose of this short document is to give you a highlight of some of the core features that we have released since version 2.31.4.

In total, we have done 9 releases, and each version contains new features and fixes that can help you to sell more and make more. 

Below is a highlight of some of them.


[1] PRODUCT FEED FOR MICROSOFT ADVERTISING  - we have developed a dedicated product feed that you can now use in Microsoft Merchant Center to run Microsoft Product Ads. 

[2] PHONE NUMBER AND SUPPORT EMAIL DISPLAY - according to the TOS of both Google Merchant Center and Microsoft Advertising, you must display a support phone number and support email for visitors. Now you can enable that feature right from your main store settings page. 

[3] CONVERSION TRACKING FOR GOOGLE AND MICROSOFT - now you can track conversions and get proper attributions when running shopping ads on any of these platforms. It will help you to know, which campaign works and which doesn't.

[4] NEW LOOK AND FEEL FOR CHECKOUT AND FOOTER - we have improved the layout a bit to make sure it's consistent throughout the customer journey on your stores. We also included the new footer style on both - desktop and mobile stores. 

[5] 3D CHECKOUT SECURITY LEVEL FOR STRIPE - one of the critical elements of the success of any online business is to prevent fraud as much as possible. With 3D Secure checkout, you can avoid that, and if you use Stripe as the merchant, you have this now automatically enabled on the IES store. You can read more about 3D Security here

[6]  SEMI-AUTOMATIC STOCK MANAGEMENT - now you can set the quantity for any product, including any variant of the product. If the product or it's variant sells out, store visitors won't be able to buy them until you update the quantity again. This is the first step toward a fully integrated and automated stock management system inside of the IES.


[1] DESCRIPTIONS FOR FEED - this will ensure that the right kind of description is posted through the product feeds.

[2] DIFFERENT GOOGLE CATEGORY FOR EACH PRODUCT - this is a big one - if you want to use Google Shopping Ads, you want to make sure that any of your products are categorized as accurately as possible. With this improvement, you can do it - just edit a product and pick the category you want for your specific product.

[3] SIGNIFY ON CART FIX - Signify is one of those little features that the IES gives you out of the box, and that makes a massive difference. But after the release of the new look, it wasn't working as it should, so we fixed it. Now you can use it to get attention when a visitor visits your store.

[4] PAYPAL CHECKOUT ISSUES FIXED - for those who used PayPal checkout, some orders were marked as incomplete even though they went through. We investigated this issue, and we fixed it. 

[3] AND 26 OTHER IMPROVEMENTS, bug fixes, and tweaks to make the IES platform more powerful.

If you have questions about this release or the Instant eCom Store in general, please just click the messenger button in the right bottom corner, send your message, and we will get back to you ASAP. 

We are here to help!